Wisdom Teeth

By February 14, 2014Memories

I don’t remember what grade I was in, maybe 10th, but I got my wisdom teeth out.  This was my one and only dabble with drugs Vicodin to be specific.  A lot of my friends in high school did drugs, mostly ecstasy, but that wasn’t my thing.  I wanted to remember my life.  Ironically enough these blogs are meant to help me recall what I have forgotten.

I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out I had these weird gaps in my gums where my teeth use to be.  I also vaguely remember seeing if gummy bears would fit in them.  News flash, they did.

As I was being put under before my oral surgery I recall telling some jokes and thinking I was very funny.  I also thought the gas wasn’t working.  When I woke up two hours later and it felt like a minute I realized it did.  Also, I’m pretty sure that nurse thought I was cute.  My mom always said I had a winning smile that got me out of a lot of trouble.

I got my wisdom teeth just before Thanksgiving.  We had Thanksgiving at the Naval Post Academy in Monterey that year.  All I remember was very sincerely loving everyone there and feeling the need to tell them over and over.  I do love my family but I think Vicodin was to blame for my insistence on telling them.  Again, I’m a lightweight so Vicodin was heavy lifting for this newbie.

I loved doing youth ministry but one some of the stories and choices I would hear students made left me thinking “really?  You thought that was a good idea?”  Age brings wisdom.  Sadly, I remember giving my friend Paul a Vicodin at school when I was getting over my need for it.  He said something about bad headaches, I figured I would help.  I don’t believe there was one second that I considered he might want this regulated drug for anything but pain.  This realization made me realize that I might have been to quick to judge actions of youth.  We all made dumb careless decisions we were young.  Paul turned out alright, I turned out alright and I never “dealt” drugs again.

Good memories…


p.s.  I feel like most memories that come out initially are going to be either embarrassing or bad.  Ah well, gotta sift through the rough to find the diamond.

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