The Family Reveal

By October 16, 2015Blog, Life

It’s not everyday you get to tell your family what their next grandchild will be. Well, hopefully not because that would mean they cannot retain short term memories or your life is the plot to 50 first dates. With that in mind we decided to reveal it with a little pizazz, well at least to Bethany’s family. See, that weekend they all went down south to move in Moriah in at her new home leaving us all alone with this amazing news. Sure a phone call or Facetime could have handled the job, but that’s so 2010. We needed to do something simple but fun, cupcakes are fun right? Time to hop on Google!

Google: “Cupcakes + Point Loma San Diego”

One of the first places we found was Cupcakes Squared. They had pink frosted cupcakes and would even customize them a bit! Sweet! We ordered the cupcakes and texted the fam.

“Go to ‘Cupcakes Squared’ near Point Loma…”

The quest was in full force. “Is this where we find out if it’s a boy or a girl” Eden asked. “Maybe” we replied, feeling somewhat coy. It wasn’t to much longer until we received this.

Now I get the name, the cupcakes were square, that shouldn’t have been to far of a leap in logic. How cool is it that their employee filmed the reveal for us! If you live in San Diego near Point Loma, go to Cupcakes Squared!

Unfortunately, not everyone got such a first class reveal. My parents who couldn’t wait to find out the news came over the same day we told Bethany’s parents. That meant that the reveal we planned for the next day was not going to happen, at least for them. I shared the video the Broughton’s sent to us above on our TV. As you could guess, they were ecstatic!

The rest of the reveal also included cupcakes as a dessert for our Sunday night family dinner. After an agonizing two hours attempting to us non-gender specific pronouns it was time to share with my brother, his family and my grandma. Dinner was over and we brought the cupcakes to the table ready to reveal. Sadly, the lid was clear so everyone saw before “It’s a girl” could come out of my mouth, but who cares, everyone was excited! Though Anna was Skeptical…

“There’s a baby in there?” Lifting up Bethany’s Shirt… “Where?”

Sometimes we plan things far to intensely. In the end, all that matters as we get to tell people and celebrate with the ones we love. Or maybe that’s just what people who fail at awesome reveals say… Now to start telling the other people we know and love. That ranged from everything to a phone call, text, or in person hang out sesh. I did get a little creative at work creating a QR code for people who were interested enough to find out.

All in all I would say our reveal went swimmingly!


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