Pole Vaulting a Blazer

By October 16, 2015Life, Memories

Several years ago, how many, I’m not sure our families Chevy Blazer was stolen. I remember loving that car. A great SUV, aside from the polyurethane leather that stuck to your back in the summer. I could go without that feeling from here on out. We went on a lot of trips in that car. However, my best memory of blazer is actually the saddest. One night we were woken up by the police, someone had stolen and crashed our car. Pretty typical, that kind of stuff happens. Someone breaks into a car, takes it for a joyride and sometimes leaves it sometimes crashes it. I guess it depends on their level of intoxication. These guys must have taken a masters course in crashing because they performed quite a doozy. My understanding is they were speeding down Ambassador in Rancho Cordova when the lost control going somewhere around 80 miles an hour. Somehow they flipped around and continued going in reverse at high speed. At some point between Rosmoore and McGregor Dr. they lost control, hit the curb, followed by a brick post and flew through the air into a house. Perhaps they were on the track team. It seems our mirror punched a whole above their garage. For years, when I saw the diamond shape above their garage, I thought it was where the mirror breached. I was wrong by the way…

Apparently the homeowners woke to a loud noise, walked out there door and saw dust flying with with headlights streaming through them. Imagine that… Must have been crazy.

Needless to say we needed to get a new car. We ended up getting a Suburban UPGRADE! I was pretty young so much of the emotion of this situation was lost on me.

But, this story was always one that stuck with me, perhaps because it’s not very often you’re affiliated with a car that sprouted wings. Whatever the reason, it will be fun to remember.

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