Our Little Avocado(a)?

By October 16, 2015Blog, Life

People are strange. One of the things I learned as a new expectant father is that people use a lot of different things to measure baby size. Men, because they’re manly, use things like: Fishing Sinkers, Golf Balls, Baseballs and the like. Women, also known as Pinterest, use food stuff like: blueberries, cherries, avocado’s, and watermelons. In our house, we sided with Pinterest.

How’s our little blueberry? We’d say.

The answer at that stage? Typically naughty. Somewhere between “our little lentil” and “lil ole apple” baby was making mommy all sorts of nauseous. Tisk tisk baby… How dare you be healthy and do what babies do. Meanwhile mom has very little appetite and eats a lot of saltines, soup and prego-pops… a well balanced meal.

After our first ultrasound, 11 weeks, we couldn’t wait to see our baby again. Certainly not until 20 weeks which is the norm for second ultrasounds. We’re impatient American’s waiting 9 weeks is a no go! What to do… What to do… Call The Baby Connection! The Baby Connection is a company that gives you an opportunity to do an ultrasound whenever you want. For us that was 16 weeks. Why sixteen weeks? To my knowledge, sixteen weeks is the earliest doctors are able to determine gender without those expensive DNA shenanigans. Typically this is done at the 20 weeks. And yes… We’re aware of the wives tales and our results have been pretty one sided, see below:

  • Acne: Bethany was breaking out, the baby was “stealing her beauty.” Girl
  • Got a ring? It swung back and forth over her belly. Girl
  • Heart Rate: Initial Heart rate was over 140. Girl
  • Sweets: Baby wants a milk shake. Girl
  • Nausea: First trimester was nothing but sea sickness, minus the sea. Girl
  • Preference: Bryce wants a girl. Girl

Looks like we’re having a girl because… SCIENCE!

We arrived at The Baby Connection on Friday September 11th at 5:00 p.m. Expectant parents scattered the waiting room anxious to find out what they’re having. We were called back promptly into a nice room with a bed for Bethany and a comfy seat for me with perfect view of the nice LCD on the wall. The nurse squeezed out jelly that looks like hairgel on to Bethany’s stomach and whipped out her ultrasound doo-hicky, I believe that’s the technical term. That gel looks so cold… Apparently it’s not. Once the doo-hicky hit the skin baby jumped on the screen.

One thing that’s cool about The Baby Connection is that they record a video of your visit so you have a copy of your latest meeting with the little one. That’s what you’re looking at. There “she” was, our little maybe girl. It’s so fun seeing your child on screen, seeing them move, drink, hiccup, it’s totally unreal. If you haven’t done it, I suggest it. Even if you’re not trying to find out the gender, it’s totally worth it. Unfortunately, we hit the best snag in the world. We have a modest baby. Sitting cross-legged in the corner of the womb covering themselves up, but unfortunately blocking our view! The nurse pulled out all the stops. Bethany jumped up and down, took a walk, rolled on her side and went to the restroom but baby was set in her ways… No conclusive gender today. Darn you modesty!!!! The nurse said we could come back tomorrow free of charge since she was unable to determine the gender and that “never happens to me.”

We went home a little disappointed, but, we had our video and our pictures which we promptly watched again.

We arrived early in the morning the next day to get squeezed in where we could and again got called in quickly. Not bad for just squeezing us in. The baby was still in a very similar position. Just when we thought we were going to be left waiting longer our little avocado kicked off the wall revealing a… not penis. The technician wrote the four sweetest letters in the english language G-I-R-L on the screen and I grabbed Bethany’s leg.

I couldn’t wait to tell everyone! But… we did wait to tell a lot of people. Since the gender was determined so early we didn’t want to tell everyone and have to retract were “something to sprout out” later.

And that’s how we met our MOST LIKELY daughter!

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