Only Refuted By Science

By November 1, 2015Life, Memories

When I was a young lad, 4 years old, the river by my neighborhood flooded. Something that in the drought of 2015 makes me jealous of. That in itself is pretty cool, it’s only made cooler by the way I remember it. My memory unfolds here…

Specifically between Sunriver park and Jedidiah Smith Memoriah trail (which I literally just found out was the name of the bike trail). Thinks that make you go hmmm… Anyways, I went with my parents down towards the river walking on that long road stretching towards the trail. The road is surrounded by tall grass lined with cement posts and strung together with thick steel wires. I tell you all that because I distinctly remember walking on the road, which was dry, and looking to each side and seeing the water held back by the cement posts. This, if you know how things work, is not the case. What it was, at least I think, how my four year old brain interpreted it.

Near as I can tell, four year old Bryce was on his dads shoulders as we walked through the water. But, because I was “walking on the road” and not getting wet, I didn’t perceive the water in the road and so I interpreted it as the water was around us but not under us. This has always been something that fascinated me, certainly something I don’t want to forget. Crazy how the brain works.

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