For 13 years I was involved in the youth ministry at Cordova Neighborhood Church. I started as an intern and over the years became the Youth Pastor for both our High School and Middle School students in Rancho Cordova. I have been involved in ministry since 2000. Youth ministry is fun and challenging in many ways. I am thankful I get to share the truth of Christ with students on a daily basis.

I went to William Jessup University and got my BA in Biblical Theology and Youth Ministry in May of 2009. I am looking forward to where God brings me in ministry over my lifetime. I will always serve.

Over the years my ministry has shifted and I have transferred into more of a support ministry role. Currently I am the Digital Publishing Coordinator at Church of the Foothills. I am able to use my skills and abilities as a designer and my heart as a pastor to bring the Gospel alive in this exciting medium!

CHRISTCORE.NET (formerly started as a personal blog by founder Bryce Cooley. This blog was a way for him to share “good Christian music” with his friends and anyone else who stumbled upon his page. Since then it has grown into a site that incorporates Devotionals, Prayer Chain, CD Reviews, Interviews, News and much more. The site was down from 2006 – 2010 because Bryce, a full-time youth pastor, became overwhelmed with trying to keep up both ministries. However, with all the new social media, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, etc., maintaining both has become easier. For example, our news feed is automatically updated every three hours from reputable Christian feeds throughout the internet. This is a huge benefit all around and we are very excited about it

In short, we are back, better than ever, and ready to serve. Here are a few ways in which we plan to serve those who come to this site:

The Believer – First and foremost we want to encourage and challenge you in your faith in Christ. This is the most important thing we do. This is why Devotions are the first things listed on our site. There is nothing more important in the life of a believer than continually staying fresh in their faith in Christ. It is our desire to write biblically sound, challenging, and relevant devotionals that will cause you to question your own pre-suppositions and fall deeper in love with Christ. Through our CD Reviews, Interviews and Band Charts we also hope to open you up to a new world of music that you may have never heard. We want to be a source that informs your passion for music and ministers to your spiritual needs as well.

The Band – We are here to get your music and your hearts heard! It can be very difficult to get your music reviewed, to get interviewed, and to get exposure aside from Myspace & Facebook. We want to give you extra exposure to get your name out to people who would not otherwise hear you. We are willing to review anyone with a legitimate recording, indie or large labelĂ‘it doesn’t matter. We want to be a service to you and encourage you in the ministry God has called you to.

Everyone Else – We want you to see the heart of Christ in all that we do. We believe that it is only through the acceptance of His death and resurrection that we can be saved (Romans 10:9-10). We want to be around to give you someone to talk to and to ask questions concerning the faith. We want you to read our articles, engage us in conversation whether you are atheist, agnostic, Mormon, Muslim-we want to hear from you. As a staff we are not perfect, merely loved by Christ; we want to share with you what He has done for us. At the very least on this site you can ask us a question or find out that Christian music isn’t as bad as you always assumed it was.