Head Meet Concrete

By November 1, 2015Life, Memories

Some time around the 4th of July in 1996 I passed out. Don’t worry, it wasn’t out of nowhere. I was riding bikes with my friend Mike to see Independence Day starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum. Why? Because I’m an American that’s why.

Anyways, we were riding up the rode in Bloomington, Illinois headed to the theater. Because I was cool I had tires with quick release tires. Unfortunatley, I had, at some point, quickly released my front tire and I forgot to tighten it. So when we were riding down the street, popping wheelies (like cool kids do) my tire decided to take a detour and rolled right into traffic. My bike trucks hit the concrete, my head hit the concrete and I was out. I was actually told that I stood up, looked around and collapsed again. I have no recollection of this…

Needless to say, we didn’t go to the movie. I got back up and we walked back to his house to call my parents (cell phones didn’t exist in my world yet). I think while we were waiting my friend turned on Basic Instinct, I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but it was not the greatest choice for two young guys… My parents came and we went to the doctor. He asked me a lot of questions “Who’s the president,” “What’s your mom’s birthday,” “How old are you?” you’d be shocked at how few of those I could answer. Sorry mom & dad… “That’s not concussion related, he normally doesn’t know that stuff…” My mom said. Ouch… But true.

It was scary for me and my parents. I remember when I got in the car with my parents I started crying. I was trying to be tough around my friend, but really I was just scared. I’m sure it was hard seeing that as a parent, I’m scared to have those moments.

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