Blood Suckers

By October 14, 2015Life, Memories

When I lived in Illinois, circa 8th & 9th grade, I would often hangout with my friend Eric Thacker.  Eric lived in a small town named Hudson, IL about five miles out of Normal, IL where my family resided.  Surrounded by acres and acres of corn there wasn’t often a lot to do in Hudson.  Typically we hung out at his place, played pool, listened to music and on occasion set off fireworks, firecrackers and M-80’s.  They were his not mine and… maybe illegal?  I’m not very clear on Illinois fireworks policy.

When we decided to get out of the house we’d typically go walk around the community and talk to his friends.  On one occasion I remember going down to a creek to hang for awhile.  It was summer so it was hot and I, as I did often then, I took of my shoes and walked through the tall grass headed towards Six Mile Creek.  I didn’t know it at the time but this was a huge mistake for several reasons.  We spent a good deal of time hanging out in the creek climbing trees until we realized why we shouldn’t hang out in the creek, leeches.  A lot of leeches.  Needless to say we got out of there as quickly as possible and worked on getting all those slimy black blood suckers off of us.  If you’ve seen Stand By Me, it was kind of like that with less attractive people.

I don’t remember much beyond that but I remember getting home, taking a shower and feeling an incredible burning sensation on my shins down to my feet.  Turns out that tall grass we walked through, razor grass, and it had cut my legs and feet to shreds I just didn’t notice until I poured hot water on them.  If I were to glean a life lesson from this I’d say… never leave the house!  Ha, no way.  Just don’t be a moron, tough sell, but good advice.

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